Friday, September 10, 2010

Diana With Redscale Film

These pictures were taken with my Diana loaded with 35mm 100 speed redscale film. I'm not really sure what that weird purple line is running down the side, but it's also on the negatives so there's no hope of having them re scanned to fix it. Oh well. It adds... personality.

Water Meter
Wind Thing
The Red Bell Tower
Street Lamp
Masonic Lodge
Iron Fence
Fire Hydrant


  1. That line is most likely a scratch on the negatives caused by crystals that have formed on the racks in the c-41 machine that your lab uses. They have a lazy lab tech that doesn't clean his machine well or change the chemicals often enough. All it takes is hot water and a little scrubbing with a stiff brush every night. Lazy I tell you.