Monday, June 14, 2010

Day Six

Today was my first day off without you here with me. Not a fan. When I got up I decided to take Georgia out. Well, this morning she was really eager to go out and raced to the door. I opened it up and she ran out in to the yard, and sat. Nothing else. She didn't run around, she didn't go to the bathroom (which was the whole point of going out side in the first place). I couldn't get her to come inside for at least 15 mins. I think she just wanted to soak up some sun.

After we skyped I left to go get your cars oil changed. I went to three different garages here in town before I found someone who could do it. They were definitely in less of a hurry than I was since they took three hours to do it. In the waiting room at the shop I snapped your little picture of the day. This is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while.

This big guy was sitting here in the waiting room with me when the ~shop cat hopped up on the counter and started licking this guys arm. So this is when things got funny, this big burly country guys voice immediately went up about 5 octaves and started saying; "Hey kitty, kitty. How are you? Does my arm taste good? That's a good kitty. It probably tastes nice and salty huh kitty?"

I couldn't help my self, I had to get a picture of this. I don't think the guy really appreciated that since he quickly shot me a disapproving glare.

When I got home from getting your car worked on I took a little swim in the pool. The water was pretty warm but it still felt nice. If I ever want to go swimming around other people, or just again at all I need to invest in a new bathing suit. It took a lot of convincing to get that thing to go on. Not good. Your mom and I had a nice conversation out by the pool about how much we miss you and what a great little lady you are. We even talked about you and me a little to which she said "I can honestly tell that you really respect her, Mike, and that's all I ask of you." I assured her that, that wasn't going to change. 

We had a little mother and son outing to the grocery store to get things to grill for dinner. I got things to make grilled vegetables and things to make that new strawberry cream cheese wrap I was talking about. It turned out amazingly well. Here it is.

I took some cream cheese and added in heavy whipping cream, a little sugar and a splash of vanilla extract and whipped it until it was nice and creamy. I spread it out on my little wrap with some fresh cut strawberries and a little topping of granola. It was heavenly. Your mom and Robert tried it and really liked it also. I think your going to love it, I'll make it for you when you get back. 

Now I'm sitting on the couch after having eaten dinner with the fam out side. I think I might watch some Weeds until we skype. 


  1. That strawberry thing looks AMAZING! I'm totally trying that! What kind of wrap is it?


  2. It's just a whole wheat sandwich wrap.

    I didn't actually measure any of the ingredients for the spread but you just want to use a tiny bit of vanilla extract and then sweeten it to your liking with sugar. mix the cream cheese and heavy whipping cream and use a whisk to mix it until it gets nice and aerated and is a nice smooth consistency.