Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sweater Retirement

Sometimes you put on an outfit and you really like it until you realize that it really just doesn't look good. I really like the combo or this shirt tie and sweater until I saw the photos and saw how ill fitting this sweater is. It was a thrift store find last fall and hasn't held its shape. I think it is time to retire it. I guess the good thing about thrifting is if something just doesn't work out or doesn't hold up you're only out a few dollars.

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Merona shirt -- Forever 21 Men tie -- Amearican Eagle sweater (thrifted) -- Merona jeans -- Stacy Adams shoes

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A New Knit Tie

I got this knit tie from my lovely wife, who bought it as an early christmas present maybe? Or maybe just because she likes me that much? Whatever it is, I really like it. It's the first stripped tie in my collection to have horizontal stripes. I wanted to say that was not cut on the bias but I guess that doesn't apply to a knitted tie.

I like mixing and matching different patterns in my outfits (this is definitely a mild case) so when I saw the horizontal stripes on the tie I immediately thought of this cardigan that also has horizontal stripes. They work well together because the stripes are of different sizes. I guess I could have gone with something more exciting than a white shirt but I really liked how it emphasized the colors of the tie. Sometimes a plain ole' white shirt is the answer.

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Merona cardigan -- French Connection tie -- Bergamo New York shirt -- Paper Denim & Cloth chinos -- Polo Socks -- Dockers loafers (thrifted)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Brand Highlight: Paper Denim & Cloth

A few days ago while shopping I picked up a pair of gray PD&C chinos and tried them on. They said slim fit on the label but I was a little skeptical since I have a hard time finding any pants that actually fit slim as promised. I was pleased to find that they were as advertised. Not only that but probably one of the best fitting pairs of pants I have tried on lately. The original tag said $78 dollars but the Ross tag (one of those designer discount stores) said 16.99. I figured I could part with 16.99 for a great fitting pair of pants. On the way to the register I found a stray thread in the hemline and mentioned it to the cashier. They marked them down to $15. Win again. 

The next day I was at another discount store (Marshalls this time) and I found a matching brown pair. Of course I had to snag them up. They didn't have a tag on them but I expected to pay around the same price as the first pair. Well, the cashier decided they were $10. Extra win. 
When I saw the first pair I had thought I remembered PD&C being a pretty desirable brand. After doing some research it seems that they were really big (and more expensive) and then supposedly the quality of their product dropped and along with it the price. After a few wears I can honestly say I am happy with what I got. Would I shell out $80 for a new pair? I'll have to see how long these last for me first, but would I snag another pair for $15 if I found another color that I liked? Absolutely. If you see a pair next time you're shopping I would say they're worth trying on. 

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Bow Ties For Equality

I recently saw on one of my favorite menswear blogs, Put This On, that Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson had put out a bow tie. They will release a new line of ties every season and all the proceeds will go to a number of organizations that are fighting for gay and lesbian civil rights.

The ties are a great price at $25 and the quality is surprisingly good at that price point. They are self tie, but don't let that scare you off if you have never tied one before. They have an instructional video on their website to teach you how. Now is as good a time to learn as any, Every man should know how to tie a bow tie. If you can tie your shoes then you can tie a bow tie.

The tie pictured above is the Berkley. I also like the Signature with the dapper owl pattern as well as the Carey.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fall Time Beer Time

As much as every season is a good time for beer, Fall is an especially good time for beer. Because of that I decided to compile a list of some great beers to try this Fall starting with my two favorites.

Yazoo Dos Perros: This one is brewed here in Nashville. I'm not sure how widely it is distributed, but it is definitely worth seeking out.

Sierra Nevada Tumbler: Sierra Nevada is a a pretty wide spread brewery so this one should be easy to find and I highly recommend it. This is my favorite beer that I have had from their line up

Other beers worth mentioning:
Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale
Blackstone Brewery English Brown Ale
Hap & Harrys Lynchburg Lager
Newcastle Werewolf

If you see any of those while you're out I suggest giving all or any of them a shot. I know I have been enjoying them lately.

Toby wanted to "help" while I set up the shot for the beer bottles. This is what helping means to him. 

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Cardigans Are The Best

I love a good cardigan, especially when worn with a sport coat like this outfit. It's like a casual three piece suit. It makes me feel like a grownup.

As much as I love playing with different colors, textures and patterns in an outfit, sometimes I like to just keep it simple with a classic white shirt. Something about it just seems classic and mature.

this is a great jacket. just light enough to wear by itself on chilly days and just heavy enough to wear layered over a sweater like a top coat as I'm doing to here. Once I get to my destination I just take my jacket off and still have an outfit underneath that stands on its own.

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Cricketeer Jacket (thrifted) -- Merona Cardigan -- Bergamo New York shirt -- Yves Saint Laurent tie (thrifted) -- Mossimo jeans -- Dockers loafers (thrifted) -- Daniel Wellington watch

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cold Weather Wish List

Here are some things I have been eyeing since the weather has turned colder. These would also be great gift ideas for any ladies looking for something for a guy in their life.

First up is this olive trench coat from Indochino. I think when it comes to trenches a camel coat is the go to choice, but I really like this olive one. I also like the more modern shorter cut of this one. The best thing about this coat is that it will be made to fit you perfectly. Can't beat that.

Look out for coupon codes and sales from Indochino because they often have some pretty good deals.

These rust colored twill pants from Bill's Khakis are the perfect color for fall. Aside from being a great color Bill's Khakis are always solidly constructed and will last you quite a while. They are a little pricey but you can sometimes find a really good deal on them at Sierra Trading Post

This brown brushed oxford shirt from Ledbury is probably my favorite shirt i've seen in a while. This would be a great casual shirt for the fall. Ledbury is definitely a company to support. The fit of their shirts has been well researched and they are all very well constructed. They have a great write up of how their company came to be on their website. It's worth checking out.

I love these boots from LL Bean. They have the perfect rugged look to them. The colder months are the perfect time to pull out a great pair of boots and these would look right at home with either a pair of jeans or a pair of chinos. Maybe the rust colored pair above?

I am really enjoying knit ties this year. This grey example from Brooks Brothers is no exception. A well dressed man understands the changing of fabrics that comes with the changing of weather. This tie is a great way to display that. It comes in a few colors but I think I prefer it in grey. This tie would look really nice tied around the collar of a crisp white shirt and tucked into a nice thick navy sweater.

This handcrafted wallet from Chester Mox isn't really a cold weather accessory but it certainly is handsome. All of their items are hand sewn and on models like this one the antiquing is all done by hand as well. For an extra 10 dollars you can also have your initials etched in.

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